Composition Competition 作曲比赛



Applications are now open!


MaestrosVision Awards International Music Competition is an annual musical event launched in Beijing, China in 2022 with the goal of providing young musicians with a wide range of professional prospects and preparing them for the competitiveness of the classical music scene. MaestrosVision Awards aims to become a model of positive and high-level musical competition for young artists. The 1st International Composition Competition is to promote young composers’ activities and to give them a chance to demonstrate their creative ideas through our competition.


The MaestrosVision Awards is organized by Madow International which is based in Beijing, China. Founded in 2007, Madow International’s mission is to promote the values of classical music, stimulate appreciation of and participation in music through music performance and education in ways that awaken creativity, and discover, promote and support the professional aspirations of young musicians. 



Madow International (Beijing, China)


Universal Edition, Scodo

Composition Competition 作曲比赛Composition Competition 作曲比赛






Feb 28, 2022



March 18, 2022


“MaestrosVision Awards” International Composition Competition is open to contestants of all nationalities.



Junior (Age up to 13)

Senior (Age 14 – 18)

Young Artist (Age 19 – 26)

Professional (Age 27 and older)

*As of the Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2022



Section 1. Solo Instrument

- for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Piccolo, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Saxophone, Accordion or Marimba

- Maximum duration of 10 minutes.


Section 2. Chamber Music  (from 2 to 8 players)

- Submitted works may be scored for any combination from 2 to 8 instrumentalists;

- 1 or 2 traditional instruments of the contestant’s own country or other countries may be included

Maximum duration of 15 minutes



Step 1:

Completely and clearly filled the Online Application Form (Below)

Step 2:

Pay the application fee via Paypal

Step 3:

CREATE ONE Folder Named “contestants’ name” in GOOGLE DRIVE with ALL Required Material & SHARE FOLDER to by Feb, 28, 2022:

1) An ANONYMOUS PDF score with the title in English

2) An audio file (mp3 or MIDI) of each work (preferred but not compulsory)

3) Brief notes regarding your work (not compulsory, max 100 words)

4) Application Fee payment certificate


You can submit the following documents to the email address: or

1) Application Form (PDF or WORD)

Application Form and Rules can be downloaded from WEBSITE or from HERE:

2) Scanned Passport or any identification document to prove the contestant’s age

3) A portrait photo of the contestant (artistic or headshot)

4) An ANONYMOUS PDF score with the title in English

5) An audio file (mp3 or MIDI) of each work (preferred but not compulsory)

6) Brief notes regarding your work (not compulsory, max 100 words)

7) Application Fee Receipt



Section 1: €65 / $75 for the first piece, €35/ $40 for any other pieces sent by the same composer 

Section 2: €75 / $85 for the first piece, €45/ $51 for any other pieces sent by the same composer

Application fee is non-refundable




1. The number of submissions is unlimited.

2. Works are to be submitted in manuscripts or printed scores.

3. Works may have been performed before, but should not have been completed before the year 2020.

4.Written instructions, notations, indications etc. must be in English/Italian.

5. The submitted PDF and audio files must be free of all names and identifying marks, other than the work's title.

6. Application fee can be paid by PayPal, or by bank transfer (please contact the organizing committee for details at or ).

7. Submitted scores will not be returned.



GRAND Prize (only for Young Artist and Professional Category):

The highest score, not less than 95.

Cash Prize: Young Artist Category 150; Professional Category 200.


For each section:

FIRST Prize: Score not less than 95/100

SECOND Prize: Score from 90 to 94

THIRD Prize: Score from 85 to 89

FOURTH Prize: Score from 80 to 84

Each not awarded competitor will be given an Attendance Certificate.

Honorary diploma to the teachers with the highest number of applicant students;

Excellent Teacher Award diploma to the teachers with the highest number of awarded students.

Diplomas will be sent via e-mail.

Selected winners of competition receive a professional plus subscription  for one year for free via scodo by Universal Edition

Participants receive a voucher for free submission via scodo by Universal Edition



(Alphabetically by Last Name)

Dario Cebic (Croatia)

Cruz López de Rego (Spain)

Vojna Nesic (Serbia)

Marko Nesic (Serbia)

Marco Reghezza (Italy)

Tian Tian (China)

*Subject to change

-The Committee of the Competition has the exclusive authority to appoint the members of the jury. The number of members is not limited.

-The jury will be formed by musicians, teachers and renowned musical personalities.

-The jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable.

-The examination board may also decide not to give any prize due to a lower-level general quality of the scores.

-Competitors cannot appeal against the decision of the Jury, the Artistic Committee and the Organizing Committee.



If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at: or



1. The application to the competition entails the unconditional acceptance of the rules/regulations of the present announcement and authorizes the Organization to publish names, surnames and pictures of the competitors (including underage pictures).

2. Organizational Committee reserves the rights to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and other information related to the competition or published on this site.

3.  The contestant, with his/her application, authorizes Madow International to publish applicants names and photos within promotional material of the company or exhibit them during future events. In relation to this, the candidate may not claim rights or make financial claims against Madow International.

4. The winners are kindly requested to make reference to the award in their biographies and in the winning score.

5. The application fee is not refundable, with the exception if the competition us canceled.

6. Madow International reserves the right to provide its own resolution to all issues not covered by the regulations and to make exceptions in specific and well-justified cases. The Jury’s decision is final.


Feb. 28, 2022