Cello Competition 大提琴比赛

Cello Competition 大提琴比赛

“MaestrosVision Awards” International Music Competition is an annual musical event launched in Beijing, China in 2022 with the goal of providing young musicians with a wide range of professional prospects and preparing them for the competitiveness of the classical music scene. MaestrosVision Awards aims to become a model of positive and high-level musical competition for young artists. The 1st International Cello Competition is open to young talented cellists from all over the world. Aside from just cash prizes, we are passionate about providing an experience through which young musicians can enhance their musical careers. Due to the Covid-19, the competition committee has decided to organize the auditions online in order to avoid complications with the pandemic restrictions regarding traveling measures.


The “MaestrosVision Awards” is organized by Madow International which is based in Beijing, China. Founded in 2007, Madow International’s mission is to promote the values of classical music, stimulate appreciation of and participation in music through music performance and education in ways that awaken creativity, and discover, promote and support the professional aspirations of young musicians.



Madow International (Beijing, China) Cello Competition / 大提琴比赛



KNS Classical  Cello Competition / 大提琴比赛





IMPORTANT!!!  Due to the Omicron variant of the corona virus continues to spur new outbreaks in some areas worldwide, the competition committee decided to reschedule the deadline to March 31, 2022.

It is highly desirable to use piano accompaniment for your repertoire. However, please put safety first during this pandemic. If you are unable to record with an accompanist, you will not be penalized; your recording will be given the same consideration as all other applicants.

Deadline for submitting Registration Form and Fee: March 31, 2022

Deadline for submitting VideoMarch 31, 2022



Before the end of April, 2022

If you are interested in “MaestrosVision Awards” International Cello Competition and wish to submit your application, make sure to follow the guidelines listed below. Any application that does not follow these instructions unfortunately may not be considered for the competition.

“MaestrosVision Awards” International Cello Competition is open to contestants of all nationalities.



Category A: Year of birth 2013 and younger

Category B: Year of birth 2010-2012

Category C: Year of birth 2007-2009

Category D: Year of birth 2003-2006

Cello Masters Category: No age limit

Any participant of Categories A/B/C/D can ALSO sign up for Cello Masters Category. Please pay the application fees respectively.



Category A: Year of birth 2013 and younger, 6 mins max.

One or more pieces/movements (at competitor’s choice) *


Category B: Year of birth 2010-2012, 10 mins max.

One or more pieces/movements (at competitor’s choice) *


Category C: Year of birth 2007-2009, 15 mins max.

1. One movement of a standard concerto


2. One or more pieces/movements (at competitor’s choice) *


Category D: Year of birth 2003-2006, 18 mins max.

1. One movement of a standard concerto


2. One or more pieces/movements (at competitor’s choice) *


*Variations or movements of Concertos/Sonatas/Suites are acceptable.


Cello Masters Category: No age limit

First Round: 20 mins max.

1. Prelude from one of the suites No. 4, 5 or 6 by J. S. Bach.  

2. Two contrasting movements from one of the following sonatas:

Locatelli Sonata in D Major

Francoeur in E Major;  

Valentini in E Major;  

Breval in G Major;  


3. A Caprice by A. Piatti (except No. 1) OR an etude by D. Popper High School Of Cello Playing, Op. 73

Second Round- 18 mins max

One or more movements of a concerto from the standard cello repertoire, such as Dvorak, Schumann, Haydn D or C, Lalo, Shostakovich, Barber, Herbert, Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante, Elgar, or Saint-Saëns.


All pieces are to be performed from memory with the exception in the Masters category’s first round sonata.



Step 1:

Completely and clearly filled the Online Application Form and Pay the application fee via PayPal by March 31, 2022.


Step 2:

Fill the Video Submission Form by March 31, 2022:

Please merge multiple videos into ONE. 

Cello Masters Category: Please submit TWO videos, Round 1 and Round 2.


The video should be posted on YouTube:

- Title your video: First Name and Last Name (Country)

- In the “Description” field, please indicate:

1. “MaestrosVision Awards” International Cello Competition 2022

2. Age category, Cello Masters Category-Round 1/ Round 2

3. Composers and titles of compositions performed, and add timecode/timestamp on each piece

For example:

“MaestrosVision Awards” International Cello Competition 2022

Category D

Antonin Dvorak Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104 - I. Allegro

11:06 Tchaikovsky Nocturne Op.19 No.4

16:10 D. Popper Op. 73: Etude No. 1 in C Major


Videos with no title and descriptions will be rejected according to the rules.



Category A:  €35 

Category B:  €45 

Category C:  €55 

Category D:  €65 

Cello Masters Category:  €85 

(Optional) Request for jury’s comments (add extra €35)

Application fee is non-refundable

Cello Competition 大提琴比赛




1. The recording must be recorded after Jan. 1, 2021.

2. Pieces/Movements must be recorded in their entirety and without any cuts or editing.

3. Individual parts of the pieces (movements) can be recorded separately and merged into ONE.

4. The video should be filmed from a fixed camera angle; musician´s hands and face must be entirely visible all the time.

5. If recording your videos by cell phone, please make it in a horizontal position.

6. It is highly recommended to ensure a good sound quality of the recording, to provide the jury with the best possible conditions for judging.

7. All works written with accompaniment strongly recommend be accompanied for your recording. If accompaniment is required, ensure that it does not drown out your playing.

8. The submitted recordings do not need to be filmed in a particular setting. Videos filmed in a practice room, a living room, a concert hall, a recording studio, or any other setting may be submitted.

9. Recordings must be genuinely performed by the applicant.

10. Recordings must not be edited, nor should any effects such as “reverb” be added.

11. Play back and check your entire recording for any distortion or excessive “buzz”.

12. The participant should be dressed well and in an appropriate manner.

13. Review your recording before uploading to ensure that it is of good quality and represent your best work to date.

14. Cut lengthy piano part (interlude, orchestra overtures), if applicable.



Competition will be evaluated on a 100-point system based on the following criteria:

Technicality (40%) Intonation, Rhythm, Tonal Qualities, Dynamics, and Balance;

Musicality (40%) Phrasing, Interpretation, and Style;

Overall impression (20%) Expression and Overall Artistic Impression.



1. The total time of performance, which will be strictly observed, includes rest between pieces.

2. The jury members have a right to stop watching the performance if the competitor exceeds the allotted time.

3. The right of repeats is left to the discretion of the competitor.

4. Several winners can be selected in each category

5. Participation in the competition of musicians, accompanists, as well as members of the jury means full agreement with all the rules of the competition. In case of violation of the terms of the competition, the competition committee reserves the right to deprive the participant of the final of a cash prize, the title of laureate and/or diploma of the competition.

6. Compositions written by contestants are not allowed for performance.

7. The organizer reserves the right not to open a category for organizational reasons or not to accept an application or to shorten/extend the competition deadline for the competition for capacity reasons.



Cello Masters Category

GRAND PRIZE: Cash Prize: €800, Max.1 winner

First Prize: Max. 2 winners

Second Prize: Max. 3 winners

Third Prize: Max. 3 winners

Fourth Prize: Max 3 winners

Honorable Mention Prize


Category A/B/C/D

ABSOLUTE FIRST PRIZE: The highest score of each category, not less than 95.

Category A: €50

Category B: €100

Category C: €150

Category D: €200


For each category:

FIRST Prize: Score not less than 90/100

SECOND Prize: Score from 80 to 89

THIRD Prize: Score from 70 to 79


Special Prizes

Concerto Award

Bach Award

Popper Award

Sonata Award

Piatti Award


Selected winners will have the opportunities to record and publish of a CD offered by KNS Classical

Each not awarded competitor will be given an Attendance Certificate.

Honorary diploma to the teachers with the highest number of applicant students;

Excellent Teacher Award diploma to the teachers with the highest number of awarded students.

Diplomas will be sent via e-mail.



Amir Eldan (USA)

University of Michigan, Cello Professor

Served as Principal Cellist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Served as Cello Professor and Chair of the String Department at the Oberlin Conservatory

Doctor of Music degree from Juilliard

Csaba Onczay (Hungary)

Liszt Academy of Music, Zeneakadémia - Professor Emeritus of Cello

David Popper International Cello Competition - Founder, President of Jury

Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

Kossuth Prize, Liszt Prize, Bartók-Pásztory Prize Winner, Meritorious Artist

Oleksandr Piriyev (Ukraine)

Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music of Ukraine (Kyiv)- Cello Professor

National Concert Agency UKR Artists - Founder and General manager

National Portal of Academic Music «Music-Review Ukraine» - Co-organizer

The Music Department of the Ukrainian Radio 'Culture' - Editor-in-Chief 

-The Committee of the Competition has the exclusive authority to appoint the members of the jury. The number of members is not limited.

-The jury will be formed by musicians, teachers and renowned musical personalities.

-The decisions of the Jury will be final and irrevocable. The Jury reserves the right to withhold any prize should the required standard not be achieved.

-Competitors cannot appeal against the decision of the Jury and the Organizing Committee.



If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at: maestrosvision@gmail.com



1. By applying to participate in the Competition, the candidates give their consent to participate in all rounds of the Competition. During the admission of applications, the Competition collects personal information regarding the participants for certain procedural needs of the Competition. Personal data is stored in a reliable database. Only the following details about the participants (including underage) are subject to publishing: name; surname; date of birth, place of birth, nationality, biography, photos, personal website and social media profiles.

2. The application fee is not refundable, with the exception if the competition us canceled.

3. Organizational Committee reserves the rights to make any changes to the rules, dates, schedules and other information related to the competition or published on this site.

4. The contestant, with his/her application, authorizes Madow International to publish his/her name, photo, bio and videos within promotional material of the company or exhibit them during future events. In relation to this, the candidate may not claim rights or make financial claims against Madow International.

5. Madow International reserves the right to provide its own resolution to all issues not covered by the regulations and to make exceptions in specific and well-justified cases. The Jury’s decision is final and unequivocal.

6. For any dispute, the jurisdiction can be under the Chinese legislation.