Cruz López de Rego



Prof. Cruz López de Rego (Barcelona, Spain). She started her musical studies at an early age in the Conservatory of Barcelona. In 1974, she moved to Madrid where she ended her studies of Piano, Composition, Chamber Music and Musical Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid with the highest marks. She also graduated in Law at the Complutense University of Madrid.


She teaches music at the Autonomous University of Madrid from 1981 to the present. She studied composition in Madrid with Román Alís and Antón García-Abril and in Siena (Italy) with Franco Donatoni. She has produced works mainly for different instrumental ensemble, voices, and electronics.


She was professor, for more than forty years, of the Department of Music of the Faculty of Teaching training and Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid, being in possession of the Certificate of Excellence for its teaching quality. In this field, she is the author of several articles published in specialized magazines and of papers presented at international conferences. She also collaborates as an evaluator in several prestigious magazines.


As  a  composer,  she  is the  author  of  more than  80  symphonic,  chamber, vocal  and electronic works. Her works have been performed by prestigious groups and soloists in Europe, America and Asia.


She was the president of Women in Music, from Spain, during five years, collaborating with the Adquins Chiti Foundation, and also collaborates, as a  member of the jury,  in the Interpretation and Composition Competitions organized by Donne in Musica of Serbia.


Her works are published by Periferia Sheet Musica, Composers´ Directory (ECSA) and EMEC.



    克鲁兹很小的时候就在巴塞罗那音乐学院开始了音乐学习。 1974年,她移居马德里,并以最高分的成绩在马德里皇家音乐学院完成了钢琴、作曲、室内乐和音乐教育学专业的学习。 她还在康普顿斯大学获得了法学专业学位.

    1981 年至今,她一直在马德里自治大学教授音乐课程。 她在马德里跟随Román Alis和Antón García-Abril学习作曲,并在锡耶纳(意大利)跟随Franco Donatoni学习作曲。她主要创作不同的器乐合奏、声乐和电子乐作品。

她在马德里自治大学教学培训与教育学院音乐系任教授四十多年,因其高质量教学获得卓越证书。 在这一领域,她在专业杂志上发表了多篇文章,并在国际会议上发表了论文。 她还与多家著名杂志合作担任评论。 

    作为作曲家,她创作了 80 多部交响乐、室内乐、声乐和电子乐作品。她的作品曾被欧洲、美洲和亚洲的著名团体和独奏家演奏。她曾担任西班牙女性音乐协会主席五年,与阿金斯·奇蒂基金会合作,并作为评委团成员参与了塞尔维亚邓恩作曲比赛。她的作品由 Periferia Sheet Musica、作曲家目录 (ECSA) 和 EMEC 出版。