Marko Nešić



Marko Nesic was born in Pancevo (Serbia), November 5th 1976. Finished music school in Kragujevac (Serbia)-two departments: music Associate and Performer, playing the piano, violin, viola and started the trumpet. At sixteen he entered college and became the youngest student of conducting in Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in class of Professor Jovan Sajnovic with the highest marks.  In January 2010 earned his Master's degree from the same University. Since 2009 till 2019 worked at Faculty of Arts Pristina-Zvecan as Associate Professor for Orchestration and Arrangements. From 2010 his proclaimed as Vice Dean for Department of Music.
Worked and conducted with several choirs: Mixed choir 'Kir Stefan the Serb', children's choirs from Pristina, children's choir from Kragujevac, Male vocal ensemble Kir Stefan from Kragujevac, the Cathedral octet St. Roman Melod from Kragujevac, choir and orchestra from Music school' Stankovic 'in Belgrade...

Orchestra's:  the Symphony Orchestra of  Radio Television Serbia, the Symphony Orchestra of Brno (Czech Republic), the Academic Symphony Orchestra of Nis, Symphony Orchestra Chamber of the Yugoslav Army, 'Stanislav Binički', Music School in Kragujevac, Symphony orchestra Markus...

Member of International Association of conductors West Chester, USA and international association Europa Cantat from Germany. Invited to the many master classes around the world: Robert Shaw in America, Krzysztof Penderecki at Carnegie Hall, the European Youth Choir and Orchestra, Bavarian music workshops for young conductors (Germany), workshops for young choral conductors in the United States, Finland, Norway, Italy , France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany ...

Winner of the Bavarian Academy of Music Scholarship at the European Academy for Young Conductors in Marktoberdorf (Germany), in May 1999. Professional training of mentors: Gary Graden (Sweden), Volker Hempfling (Germany), Johnatan Velasco (Filipini), Dr Brady Allred (USA), Peter Broadbent (GB), Andras Farkas (Switzerland)…



• 1995 Festival of children's choirs, Sabac: BRONZE MEDAL, children choir from Pristina;
• 1998th THE BEST FIVE STUDENTS Award, Association of Belgrade University students, as one of the top five at the University;
• May 2000 GOLD MEDAL at the 25th Festival of youth choirs Serbia in Novi Pazar with the choir 'Kir Stefan the Serb' (KSS) and declared the most successful CONDUCTOR of Festival;
• 2000 the participant in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award seminar Loccum, Germany in the status of deputies (representatives) of the FRY in the European Youth Parliament;

• 2000 DIPLOMA, awarded for participation in the project by the International Association for Singing for Peace and Justice which is held under patronage of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden, President of Ireland, President of the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) from Sweden who are signatories of Diplomas;
• 2001 and 2002 at 26 and 27 Festival Youth Choir,  awarded with GOLD plaques in Novi Pazar (with the choir KSS);
• 2002 GOLD MEDAL at the First International Choir Festival in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a Male vocal ensemble 'Kir Stefan;
• 2002 GRAND PRIX, International Festival of Choirs, Bijeljina, Male Vocal Ensemble 'Kir Stefan', Kragujevac;
• 2004 II PRIZE, the Republican contest Belgrade (with the choir KSS);
• 2004 SILVER MEDAL, Competition in Bijeljina;
• 2004 Gold medal-Audience Award, the competition of choirs Bijeljina;
• 2004 Special Award, International Competition 'Youth for Justice and Peace, Royal Cultural Center, Kragujevac;

• 2004 GOLD MEDAL, 29 Festival of Youth Choirs of Serbia, Novi Pazar;
• 2004 GOLD PLAQUE, AWARD FOR BEST CONDUCTOR, 29 Festival of youth choirs Serbia (FOHS), Novi Pazar;
• May 2005 SILVER MEDAL 30th FOHS, Novi Pazar;
• May 2005 participant in the International Seminar for Choral Conductors in Marktoberdorf in Bavaria- Music Academy (Germany). Seminar led by Gary Graden (Sweden) and Prof. Volker Hempfling (Germany);
• May 2006 GOLD MEDAL IV Festival Choir, Bijeljina;
• May 2006 Prize for one year and conducting educational results, the Union Society music and ballet pedagogues of Serbia, Belgrade;
• July-August 2006 Europa Cantat-Mainz 2006, participant, the festival of seminar for conductors of youth and children's choirs under the supervision of prof. Gudrun Schorefel;
• May 2007 International participants of the seminar for conductors in Bavaria Music Academy - Marktoberdorf, Germany. Worked under the supervision of Professor Volker Hempfling (Germany) and Jonathan Velasco (Philippines). Choir demonstrator 'Mendoza, Argentina.

• March 2008 FIRST PRIZE Republican contest, Belgrade;
• May 2008 GOLD MEDAL VII Festival Choir Bijeljina;
• May 2008 GOLD MEDAL 33rd Festival of Youth Choirs of Serbia, Novi Pazar and GOLD MEDAL and cash award for 'Most successful conductor' of the Festival;

• May 2009 GOLD MEDAL 34th Festival of Youth Choirs of Serbia, Novi Pazar.
• June 2009 participant in the International Seminar for choral conductors at the Bavarian Academy of Music in Marktoberdorf (Germany) under supervision of prof. Volker Hempfling and Dr. Brady Allred (U. S). Performed with the choir of Utah Singers (USA);
• May 2010 GOLD MEDAL at the 9th Festival Choir, Bijeljina as the winner category of mixed choirs;
• May 2010 GRAND PRIX - an absolute winner of the 9th Choir Festival, Bijeljina in the competition of 43 choir from Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia;
• May 2010 GOLD MEDAL at the 35th Festival of Youth Choirs of Serbia, Novi Pazar

· May 2012 GOLD MEDAL at the 11th Choir Festival, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

马尔科·内西奇于1976年11月5日出生于塞尔维亚潘切沃。在克拉库耶伐次的音乐学校学习钢琴,小提琴,中提琴并开始学习小号。他十六岁进入大学,成为南斯拉夫最年轻的大学生。他以最高分毕业于贝尔格莱德音乐学院,在那里他师从贾沃纳·苏纳维奇教授。 2010年1月获得了同一所大学的硕士学位。2009至2019年曾在普里什蒂纳-兹韦坎艺术系担任乐团编曲助理教授。从2010年开始,他任命为音乐系副院长。




他是美国西切斯特指挥家国际协会成员和德国Europa Cantat国际协会成员。他受邀到世界各地举办大师课程,他曾到访美国、芬兰、挪威、意大利、法国、阿根廷、巴西、德国......


1999年5月,在Marktoberdorf(德国)的欧洲青年指挥学院获得巴伐利亚音乐学院的奖学金,他的导师包含Gary Graden(瑞典),Volker Hempfling(德国),Johnatan Velasco(Filipini),BradyAllred(美国),Peter Broadbent(英国),Andras Farkas(瑞士)......